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As far as I know Spellbound is still a non existing band, however we're on a mission. We've just launched our 30 year anniversary show since our debut album "Breaking the spell" earlier this week and we're going to try to make it as good as we possibly can. In true Swedish manner I don't want to exaggerate but since the word came out, the reaction has been beyond what I expected. As soon as the tickets are available, I recommend you to get yours in good time for the show. Up until the gig, this will be a month full of Spellbound adventures. Right now I'm in a whirlwind of Spellbound rehearsals, blogs and meetings about the logistics of the show etc. At the same time real life continues as I'm in the final stages of mixing the new Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion album (we started again this week).

Yeah, this week has been intense as we just played with Spellbound a couple of times for the first time in 12 years, as well as I've done my fair amount of hours in the studio. I guess at least some of you are familiar with the fact that Ola Strandberg and Thomsson are playing together with me, since they're members of The Musical Companion (in case you've missed out on that, remember to check us out). JJ got his "new" band together, Bridge to Mars (a fantastic band you definitely need to have a listen to). Anyway, for the moment it's Spellbound all over the place for a short period of time and just as I said, we've just had our first rehearsals. What's it like playing after all these years you might wonder? It's all good actually. In fact I'm comfortable with the whole set up, except maybe for the lyrics. I wrote most of them as a teenager and one thing is for sure, I'll never get the Nobel prize for them. Now that I'm 50+ it might even mean I'm making a fool of myself? If that's the case, I'm going to do it with my head held high! Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to pay Uppsala Progressive Rock Festival a visit with some friends of mine and that's going to be fun. Well...I guess there's nothing left to do but to wish you all out there a killer weekend! See you at Allstars on September 6th

Hasse、Spellboundのライブ宣伝が本気モードに入ってきたようです(笑)。そんな中、さりげなくHFMCのファイナルミックスをやるよ、と言ってますね。たしかサウンドエンジニアのPetrus Königssonが本業(市内の劇場で働いています)に忙しくて、作業をお休みしていたのではないか、という記憶がうっすらあります。







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