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I've been asked by both mr. Magnus Liljeqvist and mr. Erling Midtstue to put up 10 records that means a lot to me. Mission impossible...that's what it is! Guess I might have needed a hundred records at least. Anyway, here you have some albums that in one way or another have had a huge impact on me. Most of the records from this list are taken from my days as a teenager and even before that, when music was nothing else but a mystery...larger than life.

1: Queen "Sheer Heart Attack" - Took a while to get into as a kid but it sure was worth it.

2: Thin Lizzy "Live and Dangerous" - I saw them live for the first time the year before this release and this album really manages to capture the euphoria feeling I had during and after the concert.

3: Faces "Ooh La La" - My friend Patric had an American dad that introduced me to lots of music and groups I hadn't heard of, one of those being a band called Faces. Music doesn't get any more charming, down to earth, organic (and unrehearsed) as this. Still, the warm sound and Rod Stewarts voice as the iceing of the cake made wonders for a young boy.

4: Yes "Fragile" - Another one of Lowells (Patrics dad) bands that really stood out. At first I fell in love with Jons voice and "Roundabout". A couple of weeks later I fell in love with the album and the band.

5: Jeff Buckley "Grace" - Just when you thought you've reached the age of not being able to be moved by music as in the younger days, this album strucked me like a hurricane. In fact I've spent many hours in the bunk of the nightrider with this one sending shivers down my spine and in fact even tears in my eyes sometimes.

6: Van Halen (first album) - The songs, the production, the energy, the guitarplaying, the vocals...HELL YEAH! For a 14 year old kid, this was nothing else but a sensation! I loved everything about this record, it didn't leave the vinylplayer for about a year (haven't hardly listened to it since, guess I got an overdose)!?

7: Led Zeppelin "4" - On cassette! Time stopped...even the world stopped! Got it from my neighbour, must have been around 8 or 9 years old? The world hasn't been the same ever since.

8: Yes "Close to the Edge" - It took two months to get the money (månadspeng) for both the train and the purchase (in case you didn't go by bike - 40 km:s). By now I was a Yes fan and I've been looking and listening to this record in the headphones of the recordstore. A couple of weeks later, a very young Hans Fröberg could proclaim that Yes had made a masterpiece.

9: Genesis "Foxtrot" - I often did those record buying journeys to Uppsala with good friend Janne Olander (still a close friend actually). It was very important we didn't buy the same albums (so we had more to listen to). Anyway, one day he bought "Foxtrot". It wasn't exactly a piece of cake to get into at our early age but we worked hard on it and after a while it all fell into place.

10: Elvis Costello with Burt Bacharach "Painted From Memory" - The sheer beauty of the music, the drama in the voice of Elvis Costello - a very unexpected but successful combination. The music cuts right through you and puts you in a "higher place" with nice drinks and beautiful surroundings. One of the best albums of the nineties!

I'm not sure this is the right order or even the right 10 albums. If you would ask me of the BEST 10 albums, it would probably be another there you go...







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