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photo by Serge Llorente

Been listening to lots of different music lately (including our own) in order to figure out what HFMC is about. With this method I'm trying to find out what's essential in our music. I've now come to the point where I'm trying to make music of the ideas I have. Some of them are more or less finished songs, some just pieces or fragments of what might become a song. If everything works well this is the part of the process I love the most. When you're alone with your guitar, pen and paper and maybe blessed with a little bit of luck, those things can become a key that can open doors to hidden worlds, even within yourself. Believe me when I say, an acoustic guitar and a healthy dose of imagination keeps the doctor away.

Did I just tell you I've consumed huge amounts of music lately - yeah, guess I just did. What I'm about to tell you has nothing to do with science, it's probably just rubbish. Anyway, I've been a sucker for guitar solos since I started to walk. For the last days I've come to the conclusion that Swedish guitar players have a different way of arranging their solos. Once again this is just my opinion and the only reason I dare write this is because I DO NOT consider myself to be a leadguitarist. I'm not going to mention any names and before I forget, I'm not saying Swedish guitar players are better than others but many of them have another "melodic language" than players from other countries, other parts of the world.

I guess rock guitarists of today are amongst other things influenced by blues and Anglosaxon music from the sixties and onward. What differs the Swedes from the rest of the world the way I see it, is the melancholy tone (in their fingers) and the way they let classic Swedish folk music influence their way of composing and arranging the melodies. I think this is a heritage that has been passed on by the mothers milk from generation to generation for hundreds of years. I can almost hear the sound of an accordion and a violin playing in a little red cottage on a saturday night some 250 years ago when I think of this.

The photos from our gig in Paris are taken by: Serge Llorente

Talking about beautiful notes and fine music. Remember you're all invited to Sweden Prog Fest 2015 in Stockholm. There'll be lots of great bands and lots of fun. HFMC are playing on friday the 20th of November and we're on at 9 o clock pm. This is where you can find tickets: http://www.tickster.com/sv/events/search?q=sweden+prog




美しい音色と素晴らしい音楽の話が出たところで、今年、ストックホルムで行われるSweden Prog Festに来てくれよな。沢山の素晴らしいバンドが出るし、楽しいものになるだろう。HFMCは11月20日(金)9時から出るよ。
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