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I found this stunning reivew of the HFMC/Enchant gig at Robin2 in Bilston the other day and it did bring back some memories. The funny thing is that I honestly didn't expect much of that night. The classic "post Calais-Dover syndrome" hit me about 1 hour preshow after the dinner. To make a long story short, an incident, actually not a pleasant one happened at the customs in Calais. I can't tell you anything about it because of integrity reasons. This resulted in us all losing even more sleep since we missed the ferry we were supposed to take in the first place. Strangely enough it didn't affect the London show but one hour before we hit the stage at Robin2 I felt dead.

Sometimes it doesn't take much. This time I just needed to take a look at the guys in the band to get the confidence and the power back. I mean what can possibly go wrong when you're playing with these guys? As soon as we played the first chord I understood this will be a good night. To start with Robin2 is a great venue in all aspects, even if it wasn't as crowded as you had hoped for (hmmm...guess "Terrible Ted" alias Ted Leonard got the numbers a little wrong). Anyway, it was one of those nights when the vibe was right and we managed to keep the energy level spot on throughout all the different dynamics in the songs. Well I told you I was tired didn't I? Still, after maybe the first 15 minutes I entered "a kind of zone" that you sometimes do while playing. This night I felt like a weird mix of David Lee Roth and Jon Anderson (that's a good one, isn't it?) and was able to cope with just about anything. It was like my voice and fingers were running their own business and it's a great feeling when that happens. For crying out loud! Even the bartender was dancing that night while we were playing and that is something I have NEVER seen before!

In case you missed it, Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion are playing at Sweden Prog Fest at Bryggarsalen in Stockholm this year again. We're playing on friday the 20th of November at 9 o clock pm. Here's where you can find tickets:







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